Our Services

Programme Descriptions

Individual or Group Counselling

We are willing to work with you in individual counselling sessions or within the context of a support group with persons who are experiencing similar difficulties. Our counsellors and therapists bring different approaches and styles in counselling and we will be able to place you with someone with whom you feel comfortable.

We provide referral services to other health
professionals, if necessary. This is part of our effort to give you the best professional care possible. Help us to help you by making an appointment. We will be glad to walk with you.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

An integrated service to companies and their employees which helps supervisors and managers to increase organisational effectiveness by assisting individuals to take ownership of their personal productivity. The service extends to family members who directly affect the employee’s well-being.

Training in Excellence – CREATE CARIBBEAN

Assisting current and potential employees in understanding and confronting personal challenges that keep them from believing in themselves and in their abilities and doing the best they can in their work and in their lives.

“Your work is more than what you do; it is what you believe about what you do and what you are prepared to accept.”

The CREATE CARIBBEAN programme moves workers and the workplace to improved and sustained satisfaction and productivity.

Wellness in the Workplace

Employee wellness programmes decrease healthcare costs,
reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Wellness programmes are defined as programmes designed to maintain or improve employee health before problems arise.

Many employees credit the implementation of corporate fitness programmes for productivity gains in areas such as reduced errors, improved efficiency and improved decision-making. The Network Services Centre comprehensive wellness programme places focus on:

  • Increasing awareness of wellness issues (information)
  • Supporting health management (personal change)
  • Promoting healthy work climates (organisational support)

Critical Incident Management

When an accident, death or critical incident occurs, there will be dislocation, fear, uncertainty and grief. How the situation is handled can determine how soon productivity can return to normal.

This service assists organisations to manage
the environment, colleagues, staff and assists the return to personal and organisational productivity.

Schools Assistance Programme (SAP)

At the Primary level – a counselling programme for Primary Schools that provides an integrated approach to the behavioural and learning challenges of young students, assisting the individual, teacher, parent and education authorities in issue resolution and placing the student back on the path to development.

At the Secondary level – The Network Services Centre Student Assistance Programme is a secondary school-based early intervention approach for students who are having difficulty being successful in school. There are a number of factors that may contribute to student difficulties in school. Among these are problems with
learning, socialization , substance abuse, changes in the family, peer pressure and school environment.

Student Assistance Programme can positively affect student achievement, health and well-being. The goal of the Student Assistance Programme is to identify and assist students whose behaviour, attendance, health and /or academic performance indicate that they may have problems threatening their success in school.

Through the SAP process, students are directed to appropriate school or community- based services. Working cooperatively, the school-based core team, Network Services Centre and specialised community services personnel assist the student and his/her family to receive the necessary help.